Swachh Bharat Mission at IIT Bombay: Over 800 Participants Join #EkTareekhEkGhanta at the Institute

Over 800 enthusiastic participants united for #EkTareekhEkGhanta at the IIT Bombay campus for an event organized by the #SwacchataHiSeva, part of the Ministry of Education’s Swachh Bharat initiative.

Together, they diligently cleaned a total area of 61,427 sq.m and collected an astonishing 2587 kgs of waste. The collective efforts of the dedicated faculty, staff, and students shone through as they wholeheartedly worked to spruce up the campus surroundings.

These initiatives reflect IIT Bombay’s unwavering commitment to a cleaner India, demonstrating the Institute’s dedication to upholding the values of a healthier, more pristine India and supporting its journey of environmental sustainability and consciousness.