About Us


IIT Bombay Dean ACR office

The purpose of the IIT Bombay Dean Alumni & Corporate Relations (Dean ACR) office is to encourage and strengthen the bond between the Institute, its faculty, the alumni community, business corporations, philanthropists and well-wishers and seek philanthropic gifts towards advancement of the Institute.  Dean ACR office urges alumni to give back to the Institute that launched their careers,  by supporting the institute in its journey to be a truly world class institution for higher education.

Towards that end the Dean ACR team supports and strengthens the Institute’s programs and new initiatives such as student scholarships, endowments for faculty chairs, multidisciplinary centres in emerging areas of science and technology, entrepreneurship in the campus and infrastructure augmentation and renewal.

Dean ACR office creates multiple events and global outreach programmes throughout the year to engage with our alumni, corporations and philanthropic organisations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable the Institute’s pursuit of excellence by serving as a liaison between the Institute, its alumni, corporations and philanthropists. We build and nurture relationships and connect with our alumni and corporations for a transformative impact on IIT Bombay.

Our Mission

Dean ACR’s mission is to inspire alumni, corporations and philanthropists to contribute to the continued development of one of India’s oldest and most prestigious Institutes. We commit to using the endowments and gifts generously donated to us with integrity and the promise to create multiple opportunities for students and faculty and enhance their welfare at every stage.

Furthermore, Dean ACR office is committed to building and fostering relationships with its existing students so that they remain  connected to their alma mater, years after they graduate and make their mark in industry, academia and society. The office helps alumni seeking assistance from the Insititue in areas such as continuous learning, and entrepreneurship.

The Dean ACR office also champions corporations in their quest towards path-breaking research and innovations that benefit the world at large, by stewarding their relationships with faculty and departments.

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