Student Aid – Scholarships and Fellowships

The Institute nurtures an exceptional student pool comprising future leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists, researchers, and thought leaders of the country. Student enrolment numbers at IIT Bombay are increasing every year. Consequently, student scholarships and fellowships are an urgent and critical need at IIT Bombay. While the Institute offers several undergraduate scholarships already, it needs to increase the number to fund its increasingly diverse undergraduate student population.

The Institute also offers several M. Tech and Ph.D. fellowships to promote research and innovation at IIT Bombay. Apart from providing vital financial support, these fellowships provide enhanced research infrastructure, encourage industry-academia collaboration, explore interdisciplinary research, and more.

IIT Bombay urges its corporate partners to fund additional scholarships and fellowships at the Institute. Together we can play a vital role in India’s growth and development by creating equal opportunities for all students, facilitating networking and mentorship, and empowering deserving scholars.