IIT Bombay launched the 2023 edition of the Regular Giving campaign in June 2023!

The Institute has made the process of giving back to your alma mater very simple and hassle-free. All you need to do is fill out one single form on the Regular Giving website and set up your recurring donations.

Without the pressure of donating a one-time lump sum amount of money upfront, you can customise smaller monthly donations that align with your financial goals. The impact of your regular contributions will be substantial and ensure their uninterrupted focus on education

  • Rs. 2000/- per month can cover the full mess fees for an entire semester for a student
  • Rs. 10,000/- per month can cover the tuition fees and mess fees for one semester OR one YFA award
  • Rs. 20,000/- per month can cover the tuition and mess fees for an entire year OR two YFA awards

Your alma mater also benefits immensely when you give back regularly to IIT Bombay. You become a reliable donor that the Institute can rely on. Recurring donations from multiple donors will generate a consistent cash flow for the Institute. And over time it will create a positive ripple effect as the Institute is able to allocate resources where they are most essential.

Now imagine the transformative effect of Regular Giving when many of you commit to giving back and your contributions are aggregated over time!

To reiterate – every donation you can give back to your alma mater – small or big – matters. Your consistent support will help shape the lives of several students and contribute to the continued growth and success of IIT Bombay. So, join hands with your alma mater and ensure that future generations at IIT Bombay have the same opportunities and experiences that have shaped your life.

Click below and become a Regular Donor to IIT Bombay: