IITB and SARC Host CEO Connect – Zishaan Hayath, Founder & CEO, Toppr

3 May 2023

IIT Bombay and SARC hosted version 3 of their extremely successful CEO Connect with IITB alumnus, Mr. Zishaan Hayath (B.Tech, Civil Engineering, 2005), Founder & CEO, Toppr.

Toppr is India’s leading after-school learning platform that Mr. Hayath founded as a way to make learning fun, personalised, and exciting. And Toppr is currently India’s most advanced and comprehensive learning app for classes 5th-12th. Mr. Hayath discussed key learnings from his life as a student of IITB, his professional and personal highs and lows, mantras for success, and more!

CEO Connect brings back IITB alumni who are in CEO positions back to their alma mater for extensive interaction with students. The Institute is committed to helping students connect with these alumni and learn valuable lessons from their personal and professional trajectories.