IIT Bombay’s Pride: Prof. Chetan Solanki Advocates for Renewable Energy at UN’s Sustainable Development Meet

 Prof. Solanki has been featured multiple times in the Dean ACR newsletter. He started on his ‘Energy Swaraj Yatra’ – a life-changing mission to promote sustainability across the country in 2020. Since then, he’s been living full-time and traveling across the country in a bus with solar panels designed to sustain him for an 11-year journey. He was also congratulated by the honourable Prime Minister, Shri Modi, for organizing the Actions for Restoring Environment (ARE) conference. Click here to read the article. 

While IIT Bombay has celebrated with Prof. Solanki on his many accolades, the Institute was delighted when he recently represented India at the United Nations Multi-year Expert Meeting on Investment Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development, organized by UNCTAD in Geneva. 

During his engaging presentation, Prof. Solanki eloquently discussed the adoption of renewable energy, highlighting the ‘Avoid, Minimize, Generate’ principles of the Energy Swaraj Model. Rooted deeply in Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy of Gram Swaraj, this sustainable approach underscores his vision for responsible energy consumption and localized production, marking a pivotal stride towards a more environmentally conscious future. His commendable Energy Swaraj Model garnered widespread acclaim as a pragmatic and feasible solution for sustainable development. 

IIT Bombay commends Prof. Solanki for his remarkable contribution to the global discourse on renewable energy and sustainability.