• calendar_today March 30, 2023
  • history_toggle_off 7:00 PM onwards
  • location_on FC Kohli Auditorium, Kresit Building, opp Gulmohar, IIT Bombay
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Shashwat Panda Memorial Lecture

7:00 PM onwards

IIT Bombay alumnus, Mr. Ram Kelkar, will deliver the Shashwat Panda Memorial Lecture titled, “A career is a journey – not a destination: Vignettes of IITian career paths.

Mr. Kelkar will talk about the skills that matter in the long term and draw parallels to the many unique and impactful career paths blazed by various IIT Bombay alumni including a “Right to Information” activist, a Supreme Court advocate, a politician and national leader, the father of mass market GPS, a mountaineer and author, a Central Banker and an Entrepreneur. He will also share learnings from his own career experiences in moving from Silicon Valley to Wall Street, building on the skills and knowledge he gained at IIT Bombay.