CURTAIN RAISER: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Conclave 2023 - Technology for Development

Empowering Progress and Bridging the Divide: Exploring the Intersection of Technology and Development at IIT Bombay’s CSR Conclave

IIT Bombay will host the second iteration of its annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Conclave on June 16, 2023.

This year’s conclave will delve deep into its core theme – Technology for Development – and analyse the impact of the convergence of technology and progress. The conclave will address the pivotal role technology plays as a catalyst towards transforming communities, inclusive growth, and driving India’s ‘Atmanirbhar’ movement. The conclave will explore how technology can drive and facilitate job creation, enhance productivity, elevate the nation’s economic standards, and act as a powerful force in fostering development in India. By exploring the above dynamics, IIT Bombay’s CSR Technology for Development will tap into the potential of technology to drive positive change and shape a brighter future for India.

The conclave will highlight the academic programmes and research initiatives of IIT Bombay which are focused on fuelling areas of strategic national importance such as defence applications, quantum technologies, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity; driving economic development through the growth of critical industries such as semiconductors, green energy, electric vehicles, drugs, and pharmaceuticals and creating last-mile impact through technologies in SDG-aligned sectors such as healthcare, sanitation, clean water, and education technologies.

The event will unite prominent industry experts, innovators, academics, and CSR leaders and discuss and collaborate on strategies to harness technology for development and nation-building. The conclave will foster meaningful dialogue and engagement, even as it centers on the crucial role technology can play in addressing India’s social, economic, and environmental challenges. By facilitating these discussions, the conclave will look at innovative solutions and initiatives that can contribute to the overall progress of the nation.




IIT Bombay’s Distinguished Alumnus, Dr. Ganesh Natarajan (Ph.D., Knowledge Management, 2004), will be the Chief Guest for the event. Dr. Natarajan is the Executive Chairman and Founder of 5F World. He is also Chairman of the Board of Honeywell Automation India Limited and a member of the Central Board of Directors of State Bank of India. His primary interests are in the domains of Digital Success and Leadership in the social sector.

The Conclave will include three panel discussions:

  1. Technology for Strategic National Imperatives: The discussion will focus on how emerging technologies like Semiconductors, Quantum Technologies, AI/ML, and Cybersecurity have the potential to drive India’s economic growth and safeguard its national security.
  2. Technology for Industrial and Economic Development: The panelists will explore ways to facilitate the growth of several government-identified high-profile industries including Circular Economy, Clean Energy, E-mobility, Metallurgy, and Supply Chain that have the potential to make India the next manufacturing hub of the world, contribute to job creation, and the overall development of the country.
  3. Technology for Last Mile Impact: Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) the deliberations will explore imaginative and sustainable solutions that can transform local communities, metros, and India as a whole. The panel will also focus on leveraging IIT Bombay’s robust research ecosystem and faculty expertise towards addressing critical societal needs such as sanitation, energy, water, and agriculture.

The Conclave will include a Technology Showcase that will comprise two sections – project presentations and an exhibition. The showcase will provide a platform for faculty and students of IIT Bombay as well as startups and innovators to present their disruptive and/or state-of-the-art solutions designed to address pressing societal issues. Attendees will also be able to witness presentations of revolutionary technologies, encompassing educational applications, healthcare devices, precision agriculture tools, and environmentally friendly energy solutions.

The conclave will also host an exclusive CSR Awards Ceremony which will recognize and honour corporates who have made impactful CSR contributions to the Institute and have collaborated with IIT Bombay on profoundly significant initiatives.

Alongside the myriad opportunities for knowledge-sharing and networking, the conclave will foster alliances and partnership ventures between academia, industry, and non-profit organizations. By creating an equitable and inclusive technological landscape, the collaborative environment of the conclave will bridge the divide between technological advancements and the requirements of marginalized communities, and ensure that technology-driven solutions are accessible and inclusive for everyone.

IIT Bombay’s annual CSR Conclave aims to foster insightful discussions and establish the groundwork for practical strategies that can leverage the potential of technology toward nation-building. IIT Bombay is dedicated to prioritizing initiatives that align technological advancements with the vision of a sustainable and inclusive future for the country. The conclave will serve as a platform to drive meaningful dialogue and collaboration and empower stakeholders to harness the power of technology for the greater good of India.