Project Description

We, at IIT Bombay, are committed to radically transforming the stories of women at our Institute. To that end (and under the overall rubric of this project), we have developed a cluster of initiatives embracing the three phases of the lives and careers of our women students – Enroll-Encourage-Empower.

1. Enroll covers initiatives to increase the number of women who come to IIT Bombay for their undergraduate and postgraduate studies and to retain them at all levels.
2. Once they are enrolled, make sure they are able to realize their abilities to the maximum, encourage, stimulate, and reward them, sustain their interest, and ensure that their stay in the Institute is safe, fulfilling, and not constrained by bias or the inadequacy of resources. All of these initiatives are detailed under Encourage.
3. Finally, work towards Empowering and changing the futures of our women students and ensure that once they leave the Institute, their prospects are brighter and more satisfying.

Our intention is to expand the scope of opportunities available to them and direct their creativity and expertise to the fields where they will be best utilized and where they can prosper and thrive.

Project Details

Department: Gender Cell

Cause Area/Theme: Women Empowerment

Budget: INR 12.83 Crores

Project Duration: 5 Years

UN SDG No: 5

Expected Impact

Heland cited a recent research report by McKinsey and said that narrowing the gender gap in STEM can lead to an increase of $12-28 trillion in the global economy. “Gender equality is important from a business perspective, and it should be made a business priority by companies.”

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