“Digital Trust” involves not only scientific and technological advances, but also sensitizing society as well as training the next generation of engineers and scientists. A core thrust of the lab would be to foster an ecosystem that enables the same. Towards this, the Lab will pursue a multi-pronged approach, one of which would be to engage with and educate the public on matters of digital trust. The other would be to expose researchers to the latest advances by providing support for students and faculty to attend conferences.

Project Description

IITB Trust Lab was founded with the basic idea of creating a secure digital space for all end users. It embodies IIT Bombay’s expertise and vision for leading the country in the area of digital trust. One of the primary goals of the Trust Lab is attracting and nurturing world-class researchers, and providing them with resources for building top-notch research programmes, including research cutting across traditional disciplinary boundaries. This requires the Lab to
provide several resources to all the projects and activities that it supports including access to computing resources, high-end servers, and contingency technical support for faculty, students, and staff members. Without these resources or equipment, the Lab would not be able to initiate its research activities in full swing. Any additional funding in the form of CSR support would facilitate the purchase of equipment that will not only support the current projects in the Lab but also pave the way for future expansion.

Project Details

Principal Investigator: Prof. Manoj Prabhakaran

Cause Area/ Theme: Others

Budget: INR 50 Lakhs

Technology Readiness Level: NA

Project Duration: 1 Year


Expected Impact

The requested funds would be used to cover expenditures related to support for travel (domestic and international) for student/researcher mobility and other outreach activities.

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