Vikas Joshi
B.Tech., ME, 1985

Mr. Vikas Joshi has done pioneering work in the field of e-Learning. Recognized as a thought-leader in interactivity, one of his patented software inventions led to Raptivity, the world’s first rapid interactivity builder. Raptivity is being used by teachers and instructional designers in more than 55 countries today.

Mr. Vikas Joshi is the Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of the Harbinger Group, a global software company. Apart from e-Learning products, Harbinger provides software product development services to technology companies, both startups and industry leaders. Last year, Red Herring named Harbinger amongst world’s top 100 private technology companies.

Mr. Vikas Joshi was actively involved in the fundraising for the legacy project of Class ’85.

Mr. Vikas Joshi lives in Pune and spends a few months every year in the Silicon Valley. After graduation from IIT Bombay, he moved to Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York on a Graduate Fellowship, and received his MS working on artificial intelligence. Currently he is participating in Owner/President Management Program at the Harvard Business School.