Prof. Kaivan Munshi
B.Tech., 1986, Civil Engineering

Prof. Kaivan Munshi is currently the Frank Ramsey Professor of Economics at the University of Cambridge. He obtained his B.Tech. degree in Civil Engineering from IIT Bombay in 1986, M.S. in City Planning from University of California Berkeley in 1989 and Ph.D. degree in Economics from MIT in 1995.

He is a pioneer in the field of social economics, especially as applied to economic development. Prof. Munshi’s specific contribution has been to apply rigorous theoretical and econometric methods to the analysis of informal community-based institutions.

Prior to joining the University of Cambridge in 2013, he has worked for Brown University from 2003 t o 2013, University of Pennsylvania from 1998 to 2003 and Boston University from 1995 to 1998. Prof. Munshi will join the Department of Economics, Yale University in the fall of 2019.

Prof. Munshi’s research has been published in the American Economic Review, Journal of Political Economy, Quarterly Journal of Economics and the Review of Economic Studies. He is a recipient of the Infosys Prize in the Social Sciences (2016).

Special Memories

"Swimming in Vihar lake. Talking to my friends for hours about life and hostel life".