Mr. Ruyintan E. Mehta
B.Tech., 1970, Chemical Engineering

Mr. Ruyintan E. Mehta, has been a serial entrepreneur in the plastics industry, who recently sold his last plastics manufacturing business in California in 2012. Over a period of 24 year, Mr. Mehta started, bought, merged and sold several plastic blow molding companies in New Jersey, California, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Canada that ranged in size from $ 5 million to $ 34 million in sales.

Prior to starting Crystal Clear Inc. in New Jersey, his first start up in plastic blow molding in 1990, Mr. Mehta was a General Manager at Combustion Engineering Environmental (now ABB) and was President of an engineering services company in Flemington, NJ, called Andersen Engineering Services.

Mr. Mehta is a licensed Professional Chemical Engineer in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Post IIT Bombay, he received his Master’s Degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Connecticut and in Engineering Administration from the University of Utah.

Mr. Mehta fondly recalls the time spent at IIT Bombay, from 1965-1970, as the best years of his life. The friends made during his college days are close to his heart even after 43 long years. “I was very fond of swimming and often went for a swim along with my friends at a particular spot of Virar Lake, after walking down the pipeline for about half a mile, behind Hostel No. 3 & 4,” he reminisces.

Mr. Mehta feels strongly about giving back to his beloved alma mater, both financially and by volunteering to support alumni activities in the US and develop stronger brand awareness of IIT Bombay in the said country. He has generously contributed to Students Scholarships and other worthy initiatives like ‘Teach Ten Thousand Teachers at a Time’ program of the institute. He is an active member of the Executive Committee of IIT Bombay Heritage Foundation and a Trustee of IIT Bombay Alumni Association of Greater New York. He was instrumental in developing the recently signed Student Exchange Program between IIT Bombay and The Cooper Union, New York City. He has moreover, assisted in raising funds for the ‘Clean Drinking Water Plant’ (CDWP) started by the IITB Hyderabad Chapter. Mr. Mehta is actively involved in the GO IITB 2013 campaign as Co-Chair for soliciting donations from IIT Bombay alumni across the World. “I owe a deep sense of gratitude towards IIT Bombay for giving me such quality education at almost zero cost,” he said.

Mr. Mehta is a Certified Volunteer Mentor of SCORE Central Jersey, a non-profit resource arm of the US Small Business Administration that provides free counseling and mentoring to small businesses and entrepreneurs, who want to start or grow their business. Besides guiding the young minds, he enjoys swimming and reading.