Mr. Rajendra Laad
B. Tech., 1982, Electrical Engineering

Mr. Rajendra Laad is a management and technology consultant providing vision and strategy for big data governance, integration and analytics. Prior to consulting he was a Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Pristine Infotech – a provider of mobile and Business Intelligence Analytics (BIA) solutions. He spearheaded development and management of mobile and BIA platforms and drove mobile platform to reduce labor costs by 35% while improving workforce productivity and realizing margin improvements of 3%-5% for customers, alongwith increasing their revenues. Before joining Pristine, Mr. Laad founded GURU Technology and partnered with client executives to establish vision, strategy and engineered solutions of millions of dollars, while collaborating with multi-functional teams across the globe. He earlier, worked at Lotus and Informix.

Besides a B.Tech. Degree in Electrical Engineering, Mr. Laad holds an M.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering (1985) from IIT Bombay. He later undertook management courses in, New Businesses in Established Organizations, Efficient Project Management, Leadership for Senior Executives, and Effective Meeting Management. Mr. Laad has co-authored a patent and has delivered presentations at various IT conferences and user groups. He is a member of IEEE and TiE.

According to Mr. Laad, the time spent at IIT Bombay was the best phase of his life, where he was able to forge ever-lasting friendships. Recalling Holi celebrations on Campus, he says, “The bhang prepared in my hostel H4 was infamous. In my 3rd year, few mess workers placed copper coins in the bhang, increasing its effect manifold. It is said that one keeps repeating actions after consuming bhang and that year I experienced it myself! I tried to make my friends laugh and in the process, laughed uncontrollably. Later I went to my room and slept. That was the deepest sleep I have ever experienced, where I dreamt of floating in the air like a trishanku.”

The education and extra-curricular activities, offered at the Institute, played a pivotal role in shaping him and his career. He was involved in several student activities during his college days such as in GS Sports, Hostel Council, Mood Indigo and Inter-IIT Sports Meets and played various sports like volleyball, hiking/trekking and kabaddi. Alumni activities are just a continuation of his association with IIT Bombay. “It is imperative to give back to one’s alma mater, which lays the foundation of one’s life. Additionally, in today’s competitive landscape, IIT Bombay needs support and involvement of its alumni to raise its brand in the world,” adds Mr. Laad.

Mr. Laad is currently the President of IITSINE, PanIIT Boston Chapter and was instrumental in organizing the Boston area Roadshows for the year 2012, 2013 and 2014. He helped in making the Boston IIT Entrepreneurship Conclave 2014, a huge success. He was one of the main organizers of the Golden Jubilee kick-off event in Boston, FAN 2011 and several IITB alumni meetings. Mr. Laad was on the core committee of the 1982 batch that pioneered the Young Faculty Award as well as a part of the committee of MadHouse book, proceeds of which go to the HATS project. He was bestowed the PanIIT USA Chapter Leadership Award in April 2014.

Mr. Laad enjoys biking, watching sports on TV and travelling.