Mr. Chandrakant Singh
M.Tech. , Electrical Engineering, 2000

Mr. Chandrakant Singh obtained his M.Tech. in Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay in 2000. Prior to this, he had received B.Tech. from B.L.T. Sindriin 1998. He was a National Merit Scholarship Holder from Class 6 to 12. He studied in government middle school in his own village called, ‘Chamanpura’, Gopalganj Bihar.

Mr. Singh is the Chairman and Co-Founder of Chaitanya Gurukul Trust and the Head of the Learning and Development at PurpleLeap. This Gurukul is trying to provide world-class education from remotest place to all. The work of Chaitanya Gurukul has been appreciated globally and reported in global media by the World Bank. Even though Chaitanya Gurukul is located in a place where there is no electric pole — forget about electricity — he has made this organisation self-sustainable and revenue-surplus in the very first year, even after giving complete free education to sons and daughters of those at the ‘Bottom of the Pyramid’, e.g., rickshaw pullers. In the very first year, 11 of his students were qualified in Level-2 of the National Science Olympiad and the International Math Olympiad. Mr. Singh was nominated for ‘Amazing Indians’ by TIMES NOW in the category of Educators of India.

Mr. Singh has more than 12 of years research and development experience in the area of Automotive Embedded Systems and Software. Earlier, he had worked with Tata-Steel, BOSCH, General Motors India Science Lab. Mr. Singh has applied patent and copyrights in the area of Automotive Embedded Software.

Mr. Singh wants to open a company which will be doing research and development in the area of Affordable Education, Renewable Energy (Solar and Bio-Mass) and Agriculture & Food Processing Instrumentation which will benefit the ‘Bottom of the Pyramid’.