Jagmohandas Mundhra
B.Tech.,1968, Electrical Engineering

Jagmohandas Mundhra (Jag Mundhra) has been making films since 1980 and has directed twenty four feature films in the past twenty years. He has produced several of these films and many of them are based on his own stories. An engineering graduate from IIT Bombay, (B.Tech. honours in Electrical Engineering) Jag Mundhra went to the United States in 1968 for the MBA programme at Michigan State University. He stayed on to do his M.A. in Advertising and a Ph.D in Marketing from the same University. In 1973, he wrote his doctoral thesis on “Marketing of Motion Pictures”.

For several years after his doctorate, Jag Mundhra was a professor at several prestigious Universities and Colleges in Southern California. During that period, he also owned and managed three cinema houses in Los Angeles. All through the time he taught marketing and advertising, he continued to study film making from various extension courses available in Southern California. He finally decided to take the plunge full time in film making in 1980, by quitting his job and selling his cinema houses. Since then, he has directed twenty features in English and four in Hindi. He has also shot pilots for TV shows, ad films and documentaries. Many of the features directed by Jag Mundhra have been very successful through out the world and his name has a niche following in the genre of slick thrillers. His output is eclectic; from horror films, crime thrillers, to police stories and social dramas.

Jag Mundhra has received critical acclaim and several awards for his sensitive and committed portrayal of true live stories in his film “Kamla” and “Bawandar”.