Dr. Shahaji More
Ph.D., 2013 Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science

Dr. Shahaji More is is a Principal Engineer at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), Taiwan. He received his Ph.D. in Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science from IIT Bombay in 2013.

At TSMC, Dr. More has performed pioneering research in the field of nanoscale epitaxial growth of semiconductor materials. He has also demonstrated the Epitaxy of group of IV Materials (Silicon, Silicon-Germanium alloy) and Nanowire Epitaxy on Silicon (Silicon/ Siilcon-germanium, Tin-Genmanum/Germanium superlattice for Gate-all-around Field Effect Transistor, Specially, defect-free fully-strained Silicon and Germanium doped Silicon alloy for channel material in advance transistor manufacturing. Remarkably, he has filed/issued 140 US patents on his several breakthroughs within the field of semiconductor transistor manufacturing.

Prior to joining TSMC, Dr. More studied physical aspects of hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H)/crystalline silcon (c-Si) heterojunction interface in the context of silicon heterojunction solar cells fabrication. His innovative approach, hard work and consistent efforts in his research at IIT Bombay resulted in enhanced solar cells efficiency, about 12 % which was among the highest efficiency for such device till then in India.

At TSMC, Dr. More has filed 140 US Patents (450 patents including USA, Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan and Germany) on transistors’ manufacturing for the better device performance. He has been awarded 3 “Golden Trade Secret Award” for breakthrough in products manufacturing. He has also been honored with “outstanding Engineer Award”, Innovative Idea Award”, and “DOE Symposium Silver Award” by TSMC for his passion and contribution to the company business.

Special Memories

"I cherish those 5 years spent at IIT Bombay. I have fond memories of working with Prof. Dusane and my lab mates. The time I spent at gymkhana ground, hostel gym and TV room were the most enjoyable moments at IIT Bombay."