Staying in Touch


No matter how old you get or how far you go – your time at IITB is one of the most treasured times of your life.

What better than to take a walk down memory lane and revisit those past glorious years? From reconnecting and renewing friendships with your former batchmates and fellow hostelites to walking along the same campus grounds set against the picturesque Powai Lake, recalling times spent in your hostel room even as you stop by and say hello to the room’s current inhabitant – reunions are a wonderful way to mull over your time at IITB.

Going to a reunion also allows you to establish relationships with current students and faculty, network with industry professionals and get periodic updates on the stellar advances in research made by the various departments on campus.

So, come back to your alma mater during any of the many reunions organized by the institute.

IIT Bombay organizes the following reunions:

  • Decimal Reunion              – The Decimal reunion brings together alumni who graduated from IITB ten years back.
  • Silver Jubilee Reunion     – The Silver Jubilee reunion brings together alumni from 25 years back.
  • Golden Jubilee Reunion  – The Golden Jubilee reunion celebrates those who graduated from IITB 50 years ago.
  • Ruby Jubilee Reunion     – The Ruby Jubilee reunion celebrates alums who passed out 40 years back.