IIT Bombay is resolved to collaborate with corporates in critical areas of research to develop actionable, cost-effective, sustainable, and scalable solutions that can solve pressing challenges of national and global importance. The Institute hopes to discover ways by which corporates can partner with IIT Bombay to create tangible social impact through technology solutions and make their CSR outcomes more impactful and measurable. IIT Bombay hopes that partnering with corporates will allow the Institute in its education and research goals toward becoming a globally competitive science and technology Institute, and, more importantly, get the Institute one step closer to its overall commitment to leading from the front toward nation-building for a bigger and better India.

IIT Bombay has been chosen as the knowledge partner by The CSR Journal for their annual excellence awards 2022. The Institute’s key role involved leveraging its strong research systems and faculty’s expertise to help The CSR Journal identify corporates that have created significant impact through their innovative
CSR practices. 

Through a rigorous evaluation process spread over two months, IIT Bombay helped the CSR journal choose deserving corporates for their notable work in various areas. These include Education & Skill Training, Women Empowerment & Child Welfare, Environment, Agriculture & Rural Development and Health & Sanitation. 

  • INOX Group
  • JSW Group

We at HDFC ERGO, believe in investment in futuristic technologies to further the cause of deepening insurance penetration in India. As a responsible corporate citizen, we are committed to developing technology-aided solutions for the benefit of society, and safeguarding the citizens against unfortunate events like urban flood, road accidents etc. In order to build these innovative solutions within the insurance domain and beyond, we decided to set up India’s first Insurance Academia Innovation lab in association with a prestigious and globally eminent institute like IIT Bombay, which is known for grooming the brightest minds of the country and delivering advanced and futuristic solutions beneficial for the society. We hope this strategic alliance will help students and researchers navigate and address the present challenges of the Insurance industry in India and help in reaching the last mile of our citizens with various need-based solutions.”

– Mr. Parthanil Ghosh, President, Retail Business, HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company

INOX Group

We would like to congratulate IIT Bombay for offering an academic environment, which imparts and imbibes education which turns the students into world-beaters and thought-leaders. We are sure that INOX Group’s strategic partnership with IIT Bombay will facilitate and broaden the scope of cryogenics research at the Institute. We also believe that the INOX scholarship would support the deserving students, as well as the students from economically-constrained backgrounds, an opportunity to complete their education, and fulfill their dreams, and benefit the society in a longer run.

- Mr. Siddharth Jain, Executive Director

JSW Group

JSW Group is proud to partner with IIT Bombay and enable focused training & research projects on new as well as emerging technologies in steel manufacturing and its use. We hope that IIT Bombay will partner and collaborate with The JSW Technology Hub and conduct interdisciplinary research projects and pursue technical assignments in myriad domains. We wish the very best to the entire extended IIT Bombay community including students, faculty, staff, and more in their future endeavours.

Partnerting with IITB

Promoting Impactful R&D, Undertaking Social Responsibility, Supporting Deserving Students and Faculty, and Developing State-of-the-art Infrastructure for a Bigger and Better India

CSR – Participate in IIT Bombay’s Mission to Nurture Globally Competitive Education and Research Ecosystems

Participate in India’s finest Start-up Ecosystem/ Incubation Centres

Tap into IIT Bombay Research Ecosystem for Company R&D

Build your corporate brand with the best/ brightest young minds in IIT Bombay’s classrooms.

Case Studies

Tata Centre (TCTD)

The Tata Centre for Technology & Design, IIT Bombay (TCTD, IITB) was established to design technology solutions that can take on the unmet needs of resource-constrained communities, within India and across the world.

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The Rahul Bajaj Technology Innovation Centre (RBTIC)

The project focuses on developing a monitoring system specific to native Indian bees, like Apis cerana. The device does not require network data plans or sim cards.

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INOX Cryogenic Research Lab

INOX Cryogenic Research Lab aims to build a cutting-edge research facility, housing modern precision equipment to aid high-end cryogenics research.

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IIT Bombay Corporate Social Responsibility

IT Bombay Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team prides itself in bringing ground-level impact on many lives. We are honored to showcase the different initiatives towards the social and economic wellbeing of communities through teaching, research, public events, and activities.

Donate Through Bank Transfer (IMPS/NEFT/RTGS)

CSR Registration No. of IITB


Govt. supported schedule Vll, 135 Companies Act

Contributions to IITB by corporates qualifies under mandatory CSR obligation of companies

Reap 80G Benefit

Full tax benefits to companies for donating to IIT Bombay

Annual CSR Conclave

Technology for Development

IIT Bombay’s Annual CSR Conclave 2023
Event Date: 16th June

Venue: Victor Menezes Convention Centre (VMCC) - IIT Bombay

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is IIT Bombay Eligible to receive CSR donations?

Yes, IIT Bombay can receive CSR donations. IIT Bombay has a valid MCA CSR registration no – CSR00007536

Contributions to IIT Bombay by corporates qualifies under mandatory CSR obligation of companies. The abstract from the Schedule VII of the section 135 of the companies act is given below –

(See section 135)
Activities which may be included by companies in their Corporate Social Responsibility Policies Activities relating to:

7[(ix) (a) Contribution to incubators or research and development projects in the field of science, technology, engineering and medicine, funded by Central Government or State Government or Public Sector Undertaking or any agency of the Central Government or State Government; and

(b) Contributions to public funded Universities; Indian Institute of Technology (IITs); National Laboratories and autonomous bodies established under Department of Atomic Energy (DAE); Department of Biotechnology (DBT); Department of Science and Technology (DST); Department of Pharmaceuticals; Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (AYUSH); Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and other bodies, namely Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO); Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR); Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), engaged in conducting research in science, technology, engineering and medicine aimed at promoting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)]

3. What are the various options available with IIT Bombay for a corporate/ Industry to donate under its CSR?
6. Can IIT Bombay receive foreign funds under the FCRA?
8. How many days it takes to generate a receipt for the donation made to IIT Bombay?
9. What is the process of donating the CSR funds to IIT Bombay?
10. Where can we find the mandatory checklist documents of IIT Bombay for vendor registration/ due diligence?
12. Can IIT Bombay provide us progress reports?
13. Can IIT Bombay provide 10BE?

Engage with us

We welcome your ideas and suggestions and encourage you to get in touch with us at


IIT Bombay is an ‘Institute of Eminence’, dedicated to academics and research, and the premier choice for students across India. As part of the Institute’s 2030 vision, IIT Bombay aspires to break into the top 50 universities in the world. To continue providing its students with a world-class educational experience the Institute requires globally competitive infrastructure including Centres of Excellence, smart classrooms, world-class hostel facilities, state-of-the-art labs where students and faculty can pursue groundbreaking research, and more. To know more about IIT Bombay’s CSR research projects on education,


Prof. Swati Pal and Prof. Sridhar Iyer
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Sustainable Development and Climate Action

For a planet and its people to live, breathe and lead a sustainable life, the balance across all five of nature’s elements – earth, fire, water, wind, and space – need to be preserved and nurtured. Corporates and industries are shifting focus on ethical sustainability initiatives for preserving our natural resources. While nature’s capital may be free and help in the economic growth of the industry, it does not translate to sustained development. Corporates and industries have been recognizing the need to focus on being development-oriented instead of growth-oriented. To know more about IIT Bombay’s CSR research projects, on sustainability and climate action



Social and Policy Development

IIT Bombay is committed to policy development toward nation-building. The educational programmes in Planning and Development will allow students to get a holistic understanding of the socio-economic realities in our country. Students can formulate and implement development policies that can bring about desirable, stable, and sustainable development in India. To know more about IIT Bombay’s CSR research projects on social and policy development


Prof. Shishir Jha and Prof. Santosh Noronha
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Women Empowerment

IIT Bombay is committed to the cause of women’s empowerment and social and policy development toward nation-building. With the former, the next generation of women students will join a legacy of highly accomplished women graduates from the Institute. IIT Bombay has introduced several key initiatives that have resulted in enrolling over 2,800+ women at the Institute in 2022. These initiatives include supernumerary seats to increase the number of female students to 20%, becoming a part of the Gender Advancement for Transforming Institutions (GATI) initiative, establishing more Women Chair Professorships, building an exclusive state-of-the-art women’s hostel on campus, and more. To know more about IIT Bombay’s CSR research projects on women empowerment


Skills and Entrepreneurship

For creating societal and industrial impact and development, educational institutes are increasingly focusing on building the individual employability skill set of their students, as well as instilling in their students the mindset to become entrepreneurs, who can create employment opportunities for others. At IIT Bombay, the Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE) and the Desai Sethi School of Entrepreneurship (DSSE) play a vital role in supporting budding student-entrepreneurs and mentoring them in translating technologies and creating job opportunities for others. To know more about IIT Bombay’s CSR research projects on Skills and Entrepreneurship



Rural Development and Agriculture

More than 60% of India’s population lives in rural areas and depends on agriculture for their livelihood. The recent pandemic wreaked havoc on the farming community with an influx of laborers who migrated from cities and returned to their villages. Unfortunately, while urban entrepreneurs are often encouraged, rural and agricultural entrepreneurs barely get the support that they often need. The Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas (CTARA) at IIT Bombay provides various initiatives including the Rural Technology Action Group, Unnat Bharatiya Abhiyan, and more, to bring about a transformational change in the development of the country’s rural areas and create a more inclusive India. CTARA also supports initiatives to increase employment opportunities in rural India and supports rural entrepreneurs. To know more about IIT Bombay’s CSR research projects on Rural Development and Agriculture




The recent pandemic has exposed the vulnerability of our healthcare system. Low-cost healthcare is the immediate need of the hour and can be facilitated through several initiatives including drug discovery, translation work, and scaling of essential drugs. An affordable healthcare system requires low-cost diagnostic tools which can diagnose illnesses at the onset, leverage advances in medical technology pertaining to contagious diseases, provide digital health services including therapy, and increasing the density of primary and secondary healthcare centers across the country. To know more about IIT Bombay’s CSR research projects on healthcare



CSR – Participate in IIT Bombay’s Mission to Nurture Globally Competitive Education and Research Ecosystems

IIT Bombay is an ‘Institution of Eminence’ and has earned this rightful status by being at the forefront of innovative and solution-oriented research to solve pressing challenges of national/global importance and create substantive social and economic impact. As IIT Bombay continues its journey of excellence, it plans to build world-class research in emerging areas, support deep-tech incubation, develop sustainable technologies, build strong partnerships with industry and apply technology innovations for social good. The Institute is resolved to develop indigenous technologies and is looking to partner with socially conscious corporates to build an ‘atmanirbhar’ India.

Companies are encouraged to utilise their annual CSR funds towards the following activities:

  1. Conducting world-class researchand developing frugal technologies that help those who need it the most, which in turn will create tangible societal impact and nation-building through innovative technology solutions. For example- COVID Genome sequencing, Cancer therapy at affordable cost, Flood Risk Management, and Teacher Training, among others.
  2. Scholarships and Fellowships:

Corporations can support the best and brightest minds in the country through scholarships and fellowships. This will democratise the education system and ensure that every student, including those who come from economically challenged backgrounds, will have access to IIT Bombay’s globally competitive education. Scholarships will also help create a talent pipeline for the nation and a pool of multidisciplinary researchers to provide solutions in futuristic and emerging technologies.

  1. Entrepreneurship/ Start-ups

Corporations can support IIT Bombay’s School of Entrepreneurship and help create a new generation of entrepreneurs, inventors, and innovators.

  1. Infrastructure and Student living

The Institute is resolved to provide its students with the best quality of life in their ‘home away from home’ as they spend their formative young adult lives on campus. Building state-of-the-art hostels on campus will ensure that they have a comfortable and vibrant space where they can connect with their classmates and peers, overcome feelings of homesickness, build long-lasting friendships and relationships for life, and grow up to become strong and independent young and highly successful working professionals.

  1. Faculty fellowships

IIT Bombay is growing rapidly, and for the Institute to become globally competitive, it needs to attract and retain exceptionally talented faculty members and researchers performing cutting-edge and disruptive research.

Corporations can support IIT Bombay’s endeavour of recruiting the best minds to come to IIT Bombay and follow their cutting-edge research even as they teach and mentor some of the brightest students in the country.

Participate in India’s finest Start-up Ecosystem/ Incubation Centres

Over the years, IIT Bombay has set up an extensive support system for its students, alumni, and faculty members looking for avenues to commercialise their innovations. Various Centres of Excellence (CoEs) and schools established at the Institute facilitate our mission to develop a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem on campus.

These include the Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management (SJMSOM), the Desai Sethi School of Entrepreneurship (DSSE), the Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE), and the newly established Research Park at IIT Bombay. Together – the entrepreneurship school, the early-stage mentoring program, and the incubator make up a unique ecosystem that is unparalleled in the country. The ecosystem has helped retain some of the best talents in the country, helping IIT Bombay’s overall grand vision of creating new opportunities, jobs, products, and services at home.

Tap into IIT Bombay Research Ecosystem for Company R&D

Several companies have realised the critical role that research from Institutions like IIT Bombay play in the growth of a country. As our country is determined to become ‘atmanirbhar,’ it is now more important than ever for companies to collaborate with institutions like IIT Bombay and ensure the translation of deep-tech and highly impactful technologies that can benefit society.

There are several research projects being pursued by IIT Bombay that have resulted in mature technologies that have the potential to create a tangible societal impact. IIT Bombay hopes that corporates will support it in translating and commercialising these projects.

To learn more about these projects, please click on the following:


Build your corporate brand with the best/ brightest young minds in IIT Bombay’s classrooms.

The growth in vibrant economies of the world has been fueled by innovation, disruptive technology, and product development, which find their roots in state-of-the-art research facilities and high-quality education provided by academic institutions like IIT Bombay.

Such institutions are the strategic assets of a nation, contributing to national prosperity and national security. Successful institutions like IIT Bombay have strong links with local communities and industry and contribute to the city, region, and nation’s development and growth.