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IIT Bombay Inaugurates the Class of 1980 Design and Making Lab

20 Dec 2022

IIT Bombay inaugurated the ‘Class of 1980 Design and Making Lab’ on Nov 03, 2022, set up through the generous contribution of the Class of 1980. Mr. Vinay Somani, batch leader of the Class of 1980, addressed the gathering and said that the impetus behind the setting up of the lab was the Class of 1980’s determination to “give back meaningfully” to their alma mater. Mr. Somani also expressed his happiness at the rapid progress that IIT Bombay has made over the years since his batch’s time on campus.  

Comprising the latest digital and mechanical equipment (laser cutters, 3D printers etc.), the Lab will be accessible to the Institute’s first-year students. The young minds of IIT Bombay will have the opportunity to learn modern designing and manufacturing practices through a multidisciplinary course, at the very beginning of their academic journeys. 

This Lab forms an essential part of the Institute’s larger Makerspace initiative that envisions providing a comprehensive education to students through exposure to state-of-the-art thematic labs. Members of the Makerspace committee, Prof. Varun Bhalerao, Associate Professor, Department of Physics, and Prof. Darshan Shah, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, gave a brief overview of the Lab and the instrumental role it will play in revolutionising learning practices for students. 

The Makerspace program is an important step that aligns with the substantially revised curriculum that was recently recommended by the committee under the Chairmanship of Prof. Kishore Chatterjee, Department of Electrical Engineering. Significant components of this revamp were also adapted from the recommendations made under the updated National Education Policy, which emphasised hands-on experimental-based learning. 

The ‘Class of 1980 Design and Making Lab’ will also serve as an example for other institutes across the country to follow and be aligned with the tenets of the National Education Policy.