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IIT Bombay hosts the Golden Jubilee Reunion for the class of 1972

20 Dec 2022

The Golden Jubilee Reunion of the Class of 1972 was held on campus on Nov 11, 2022. The reunion was organized by IITBAA and over 175 alumni from all over the globe participated in the event. The week leading up to the reunion day was spirited and filled with activities. Prof. Subhasis Chaudhuri, Director, IIT Bombay welcomed alumni on November 8, 2022, during a celebratory event held in their honour and provided the Class of 1972 with a brief overview of their alma mater’s progress over the years. This was followed by a gala dinner as alumni members reconnected and networked with one another and reminisced about their student days.

Over the next few days, alumni took a trip down memory lane through a tour of the campus and had a glimpse of the several infrastructural developments that have taken place at the Institute in recent decades. They also visited their respective departments and interacted with the faculty. They witnessed unique research projects being pursued by IIT Bombay’s students and some of the Institute’s Centres of Excellence and Innovation Labs. During an informal event, alumni members interacted with popular Indian film director, Mr. Subhash Ghai, as he regaled them about his personal and professional journey. 

One of the highlights of this Golden Jubilee reunion occurred when the Class of 1972 made a generous and substantial pledge towards the advancement of their alma mater. This contribution is part of the class’s Legacy Project, an initiative started by IIT Bombay that sees its legacy batches supporting and implementing critical projects at the Institute. 

The reunion concluded with the Class of 1972 enjoying a trip to the Yeoor Hills in Thane. The Institute is delighted with the continued support shown by its alumni and for inspiring the present and future generations at the Institute.