Sponsored Projects


IITB Research Park

IIT Bombay and the Ministry of Human Resource Development (Govt. of India) established a non-profit venture called the IITB Research Park Foundation (IITBRPF).

The key goal of the Research Park is to create an ecosystem where academia and industry can collaborate and solve local and global challenges. The Research Park fosters innovation and invites companies focusing on research and development (R&D) across emerging verticals to set up their R&D labs and centers at IITBRPF.

The center focuses on finding solutions to issues challenging our country in fields like Agriculture and Food, Education, Energy, Healthcare, Housing, Water and Waste Management.

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Tata Center

Tata Center for Technology & Design(TCTD), IITB has been established to design technology solutions that can take on the unmet needs of resource-constrained communities, within India and across the world. Using an end-to-end innovation approach, TCTD, IITB acts as a virtual center with research and academic components and draws faculty members and graduate students from various units across IIT Bombay.

The center focuses on challenges in the areas of Agriculture and Food, Education, Energy, Healthcare, Housing, Water and Waste Management.

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Bank of Baroda

The Bank of Baroda IIT Bombay Innovation Centre (BOBIC) is the first of its kind initiative between a leading Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) organization and a Technology Institute of Eminence. This industry-academia partnership focuses on various issues concerning financial technology (Fintech).

BOBIC evaluates and adopts emerging technologies, advances the culture of innovation, revolutionizes the financial hardware space and contributes to the bank’s digital strategy. The Innovation Center is the fountainhead of innovation for the entire Bank of Baroda group, including Capital Markets, Asset Management, Insurance, Shared Services etc.

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Ripple Corporation

Ripple Corporation founded the University Research Blockchain Initiative (URBI) and reached out to IITB to collaborate and promote academic research, technical development, innovation in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and digital payments.

This alliance between a major financial company and a premier academic institute provides IITB’s faculty and students with the opportunity for research and technology development in blockchain and cryptocurrency. It also encourages a better understanding and implementation of blockchain, cryptocurrency and cryptography in various sectors.

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