IIT Bombay and Stanford University Host Joint Workshop on Sustainability and Climate Change

IIT Bombay partnered with Stanford University for a four-day workshop on Sustainability and Climate Change held on campus from Sept. 4-7.

Stanford University’s Dr. Arunava Majumdar, Inaugural Dean, Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability and IIT Bombay’s Prof. Subimal Ghosh, Convener, Interdisciplinary Program in Climate Studies kickstarted the workshop. The inaugural session was presided over by Chief Guest, Dr. Naushad Forbes, Co-Chairman of Forbes Marshall, and over the rest of the day, several dignitaries from IIT Bombay and Stanford delivered keynote addresses.

The four-day event brought together dignitaries representing both universities as well as academicians and researchers working in the climate space. Climate experts deliberated on critical topics and explored a wide range of themes including:

– Climate Dynamics & Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions
– Aerosols, Air Pollution & Health Climate Extremes
– Food Energy Water Nexus
– Carbon Cycle & Carbon Capture and Sustainable Energy Policy

The Institute’s corporate partners attended the last day of the workshop and interacted with accomplished faculty from IIT Bombay and Stanford. The convener of the workshop, Prof. Subimal Ghosh, gave an insightful overview of IIT Bombay’s Climate Studies program. The attendees also witnessed two panel discussions on:

– Early Warning for Weather & Climate Extremes
– Decarbonisation and Carbon Capture, Utilisation, and Sequestration

In the next phase of this partnership, IIT Bombay’s faculty will travel to Stanford and explore research projects for collaboration.

IIT Bombay is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of research to address vital global issues, promoting an exchange of ideas, and fostering a culture of shared learning. Forming meaningful partnerships with renowned international educational institutions is one of the most fundamental aspects of IIT Bombay’s pursuit of excellence.

IIT Bombay is thankful to Stanford University and Professor Arunava Majumdar for their commitment to building a brighter and more sustainable world as well as their invaluable contribution to the four-day workshop hosted at the Institute. These collaborative endeavours between esteemed international universities like IIT Bombay and Stanford are instrumental in driving innovation, fostering cross-cultural understanding, and catalysing collective efforts to address pressing global challenges. These partnerships not only enrich the world’s overall intellectual landscapes but also forge a path toward a sustainable and resilient future for our planet.

The partnership between IIT Bombay and Stanford University is a reminder that when knowledge and expertise converge, positive change becomes not just a possibility but a shared responsibility.