Fostering world class campus

Fostering world class campus

Approximately 20,000 people live on IIT Bombay’s large campus consisting of a total of 489 acres, surrounded by green hills and nestled between Vihar and Powai Lakes. The residential experience is central to the Institute’s educational program. It offers its residents a supportive and enriching environment filled with opportunities to work beyond office hours and a chance at personal growth.

The Institute is committed to grow sustainably and develop a clean and green campus. The Green Campus Committee which is made up of students, faculty and staff decide on policies to promote sustainable practices and maintain the flora and fauna of the campus. Initiatives include smarter buildings, energy efficient appliances, increased use of renewable energy, improved solid waste and waste water management systems, increased recycling, and making the campus more pedestrian and cycle-friendly. The campus works towards a reduced energy and carbon footprint (low carbon campus) and a zero-discharge campus. New innovative technologies for energy, waste management and emissions control will be showcased on the campus and their viability assessed.

You can donate to any of the following initiatives:

The Institute is looking to replace conventional light fixtures with LED lights for energy conservation. This will lead to an almost 50% savings in the cost of electricity around campus. The areas initially being proposed are the Gymkhana & Student Activity Center.

  • Energy Saving / Year : 3,00,244 KHW
  • Energy cost reduction / year : 31,52,559 INR
  • Pay back : 4 – 8 years
Funding requirement : ₹ 1.5 Crore

The mission of the project is to develop integrated, cost-effective, and environmentally sound solid waste management technologies, products, and systems. Ongoing efforts of the project is to make IIT Bombay a ‘zero waste’ campus and its future plan to establish a center of excellence in municipal solid waste management.

Funding requirement for Equipment & Infrastructure is ₹ 1 Crore.

A key initiative under the Clean Green Campus Program is the setting up of a 2-ton Bio-Gas plant to utilize food waste from a set of hostels and increase the green energy footprint of the campus. The plant reduces energy costs and drives up sustainability. The current site is just off of Hostels 12/13/14. This plant treats 2 tons of food waste generated from the canteens of hostels 12, 13, 14 and other nearby hostels every day. It reduces LPG cylinder requirement for cooking by 25%.

The success of this venture needs to be replicated with other hostels on campus so that they become more eco-friendly.

Funding Requirement : ₹ 1.5 Crores.