Institute Valedictory Function

IIT Bombay will celebrate its annual Institute Valedictory Function (Valfi) in April. As always, the Institute invites an extraordinary and inspiring alumnus to be the Chief Guest for one of its most popular and significant events. This year, IITB alumnus, Mr. Lalit Kanodia (B.Tech., Mechanical Engineering, 1963) and chairman of the Datamatics Group of Companies will grace the occasion as the keynote speaker. The Institute is honoured to hear him speak even as the graduating students will take away many of life’s key lessons from his extraordinary professional journey and impactful personal experiences.

Inauguration of C-MinDS and AI.Impact Workshop

Date: April 28 and 29, 2023

IIT Bombay will officially inaugurate the Centre for Machine Intelligence & Data Science (C-MInDS) and host the second edition of the AI.Impact Worksop on campus. AI.Impact 2023 will also feature talks and discussions on AI in Engineering, Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, and Multi-agent AI.

Inauguration of Koita Centre for Digital Health

Alumni Connect Melbourne

Alumni Connect Sydney

Alumni Connect Singapore

After the Australia trip, the team will travel to Singapore and meet with IITB alumni settled in Garden City.

Shashwat Panda Memorial Lecture

IIT Bombay alumnus, Mr. Ram Kelkar, will deliver the Shashwat Panda Memorial Lecture titled, “A career is a journey – not a destination: Vignettes of IITian career paths.

Mr. Kelkar will talk about the skills that matter in the long term and draw parallels to the many unique and impactful career paths blazed by various IIT Bombay alumni including a “Right to Information” activist, a Supreme Court advocate, a politician and national leader, the father of mass market GPS, a mountaineer and author, a Central Banker and an Entrepreneur. He will also share learnings from his own career experiences in moving from Silicon Valley to Wall Street, building on the skills and knowledge he gained at IIT Bombay.

Watch Lecture: A career is a journey – not a destination: Vignettes of IITian career paths.


The Faculty Alumni Network (FAN) and the Distinguished Alumni Meet (DAM) will bring together inspiring individuals pursuing cutting-edge research in emerging areas of technology. They will deliberate on emerging areas of research, nucleate collaborative programs for impact, create opportunities, and explore innovative ways to take IIT Bombay to greater heights.

64th Foundation Day

Interim Session of 61st Convocation

Interim Convocation Day is one of IIT Bombay’s most prestigious and eagerly awaited annual events. The ceremony is held for students who receive their graduate degrees before the main Convocation Day, basis their requirement to pursue advanced degrees and/or find jobs elsewhere.

Venue: IIT Bombay Campus