Enhancing Student Learning Experience

Your donations will significantly improve the learning experiences of IITB’s students during their years on campus. Your contributions can enhance and hone their soft and hard skills before they graduate and move on to the real world.


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Maker Space Building

The conventional drawing and workshop courses held at the Institute has been replaced by the Product Design Development course held at the Maker Space Building. The course is conducted in thematic labs and micro factories and allows UG students to get a hands-on experience while working on developing new products.


Thematic labs

Thematic labs consist of multidisciplinary labs in Material & Chemistry, Product Integration & Assembly, Bio labs, Computer Labs, Robotics & Drones.



A micro-factory is a small manufacturing setup which is wholly self-sufficient and can manufacture and assemble small objects/devices involving mechanical, electrical, electronics, sensing, actuating and positioning devices. These factories use mechanical, 3D, laser processes using metals, polymers, wood cloth and more. The primary purpose of micro-factories is to manufacture prototypes of products that can be tested in the market.

Type of Facility Approx. Area per unit Number of units Cost per unit
Thematic Labs 1200 sq. ft. 6 ₹ 3 Cr
Micro-factory 600 sq. ft. 20 ₹ 1 Cr

Laboratories are the heartbeat of an Institute. It’s where young minds bring life to their ideas and imagination. With the number of undergraduate students joining IITB increasing every year the need to renovate and upgrade existing equipment in labs is vital. All philanthropic efforts towards funding IITB’s UG labs will provide for new and upgraded technology. This will help students perform their research in the labs with more accuracy. The funds will also help maintain lab space and equipment.

Funding requirement: ₹ 3 – 4 Crores / per lab.

The Merit-cum-Means Scholarship is given to UG students who hail from low-income economic backgrounds. While there are scholarships currently available to support financially-constrained students, the requirement greatly out-numbers the need. The scholarship supports tuition and mess fees of each student.

Funding requirement: ₹ 52.50 Lakhs for 5 students over 4 years.

The Institute provides students with challenging projects, guides them in their choice of research areas, provides sponsorship and support from mentors. IITB identifies award-worthy professors and students and provides them with grants for their projects. The Institute also invites students to work on various company sponsored short-term or long-term Ph.D. projects. Many industry corporates are part of such associations with IIT Bombay.


Degree Cost Duration Description
B. Tech 5 Lakh per project 1 year An initiative to invite students to work on the department / domain specific projects.
Dual Degree Masters
B. Tech + M. Tech
7 Lakh per project 1 year
M. Tech
7 Lakh per project 1 year
35 Lakh per project 5 year

IIT Bombay has a vast lecture hall complex (LHC) that is divided into four prominent wings and has spaces including rooms of various sizes ranging from a large auditorium to small tutorial rooms. IITB’s LHC consists of an auditorium, lecture halls, tutorial rooms that well equipped with amenities conducive to a learning environment. Unlike a normal classroom that would accommodate around 40-50 students, lecture halls can usually provide seating for larger numbers. Our lecture halls are modeled around an amphitheater style setup where the seats are placed in an oval floor plan, with seating tiers that surround the instruction platform or podium. The instruction platform or podium is the lowest level of the lecture hall with the student desks arranged in increasing level of height so that the students seated at the back of the hall are at the highest level over those who sit in front. In this manner, all students have a clear view of the professor and the instruction board. Lecture halls are designed to capture the attention of a large group on a single point exuded by an instructor or an audio-visual presentation with the help of state-of-the-art equipment. Additionally, the acoustic nature of lecture halls helps amplify all the instructions and lecture topics in a clear and concise manner.


Facility Seating Capacity per Room Number of Rooms Area per room (sq.ft.) Total areas (in sq.ft.) Total cost/ seat Total Cost Per Room with 30% Maintenance (in Crores)
Large Lecture Hall 350 4 2228 8909 ₹ 2,23,237 ₹ 10.15
Medium Lecture Hall 240 4 3255 13018 ₹ 2,23,237 ₹ 6.96
Medium Lecture Hall 150 8 2400 53608 ₹ 2,23,237 ₹ 4.35
Small Lecture Hall 60 24 678 5579 ₹ 2,23,237 ₹ 1.74

An average student’s life on campus revolves around his/her classes, labs, hostels and eating joints or cafes where they can relax and catch up with friends. The IITB batch of ’92 is funding one café within the Institute but more are needed at other locations spread all across campus. Your support for the creation of more cafes around IITB is solicited.

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