WiSE (Women in Science and Engineering from Rural Parts of India)


•Reach out to high-performing girl students from rural schools.
•Design a hands-on mentoring program where 9th-grade students from various schools will be invited to get trained at IIT Bombay.


The hands-on science and engineering training program will be focused on merging classroom theory with practical lessons. After initial training, the students will be building various projects (such as electronic design kits, robots, drones) on their own using a library of parts. They will learn the programming of the devices they build. They will be allowed to take the final project to their own school to encourage others and spread awareness thus increasing the participation of women in stem fields.

Project Description

Each year, about 200 girls from rural areas will be mentored to pursue higher education in STEM areas. Mentoring will start from 9th grade onwards. Each year, about 50 teachers will be trained in the SciTech program. They will be able to conduct the program in their own schools. Participating students will be always connected to the peer group so that they receive timely advice during their career path. Building a strong WiSE community from high school is important for a sustainable outcome.

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