Low cost and energy efficient hydraulic structures and solutions for water distribution systems for rural and urban areas


• To study the existing challenges in urban water supply systems (WSSs)
• To develop phase-wise plan of improvement in the WSS
• To demonstrate low-cost hydraulic isolation technology


• Improving the performance of the water supply infrastructure in both rural and urban areas
• Reducing water losses, saving financial and other resources in maintaining the water distribution system

Project Description

Most Water Supply Schemes (WSSs) are typically designed for 24×7 operation in India. The designs are based on rigorous surveys and primary data collection, and entire WSSs are designed and simulated using hydraulic modeling software. However, the operation of WSS in India is based on Intermittent Water Supply (IWS). Operators tend to divide the systems into small zones and try to smoothen the resistances of consumers by increasing the pressure in the systems by creating unified diversions of flow to a particular area. The gap between the design and actual operation of WSS results in numerous issues. The deterioration of water supply infrastructure, increased leakage, declined water quality, and inequitable supply are the significant ill effects of IWS.

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