Improving Post-Harvest Supply Chain for Organic Produce in Bannerghatta Landscape.


•To foster organic farming in the Bannerghatta landscape and serve as a model for larger-scale implementation later.
• Organic food sowing and harvesting by 2021, entering the market by end of 2022, organic food certification by 2024.


There is substantial knowledge of organic farming practices, but smallholding farmers lack the critical mass to enter the market and manage the supply chain. Our intervention, with the help of a local NGO a Rocha solves this by roping in experts in farming practices and connecting the farmers to the Bangalore markets profitably.

Project Description

• Field intervention with the help of local NGOs.
• Field surveys to gauge the target farmer sentiment, implement training and facilitate post-harvest supply chain management.
• Covert about 30 farmers to organic farming and penetrate the market profitably and sustainably.

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