Fast and cost-effective design cycle for developing mobile robots using Smartphone (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) device)


To develop a plug & play methodology for using smartphone as the sole intelligent onboard device to operate any mobile robot. Further, key features to achieve the objective for interfacing and control of mobile robot are as follows: 1. Foundation features – Alternative solution to range sensing for smartphone based mobile robot in structured environments – Implementation of obstacle avoidance with the range of information obtained 2. Facilitate communication between the COTS device for multi-robot applications .


Faster design cycle of mobile robots due to use of COTS device and corresponding common intelligent open source modules. Upgradation of COTS technology and open source through global developers’ community. Support for quality education and research on high end robotic applications through easily developed laboratory prototypes

Project Description

Leverage commercial-off-shelf-solutions (COTS) devices such as Android Smartphones for high-level autonomous tasks, as a common platform for mobile robots. Purpose is to develop robotics modules independent of the robot mechanism, and to facilitate faster development of robots and skill building in robotics. Quality and time-bound education on developing high level robotic applications is possible with common Apps developed in this project.

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