A hub for seaweed cultivation and processing using women entrepreneurs.


Scientific and technological interventions to aid new livelihood establishment for the SC women community in Tamil Nadu’s Ramanathapuram district.


Seaweed business will provide livelihood opportunity for the coastal community without the need of relocation and provides additional income to the coastal community families. Seaweed cultivation is a resource neutral technology, not requiring land, fresh water, fertilizers or pesticides. It also reduces the CO2 sequestration as a result of photosynthesis and carbon credit can be earned through large scale seaweed farming. The value chain generates jobs in various downstream sectors. Since they lack capacity and training, this proposal aims to setup STI hubs for Seaweed farming that caters to women SC entrepreneurs in the site.

Project Description

The proposed solution is to impart the knowledge on seaweeds cultivation, through Science and Technology and Innovation (STI) Hubs which will empower and enhance the socio-economic status of SC community. It also enhances their knowledge in training, capacity building and trouble shooting for Seaweed cultivation, processing and marketing.

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