A cost-effective and efficient green hydrogen production unit operational with wastewater


1. Provide an energy-efficient green H2 production technology
2. Use of wastewater during catalysis
3. Use of a robust and inexpensive material for bifunctional water-splitting


1. Developing cheap catalysts to drive the water oxidation reaction in the alkaline media
2. Developing an alternative, carbon footprint-free energy resource
3. Establishing the framework of a parallel hydrogen economy
4. Integrating renewable energy resources (such as solar or wind energy) in hydrogen generation

Project Description

The long-term durability, challenging manufacturing procedure, moderate to poor reactivity, and synthetic scalability have posed serious questions on the realistic applications of existing materials for designing real-life electrolyzers. Therefore, there is a serious need for the development of bifunctional catalysts that can initiate an overall water-splitting reaction generating green hydrogen for future energyapplications.

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