Celebrating Excellence and Honouring Dedication: IIT Bombay Announces the DSA and CSA Awards for 2023

IIT Bombay proudly unveils Mr. Gajanan Vithal Gandhe (B.Tech., Civil Engineering, 1996) as the esteemed recipient of the 2023 Distinguished Service Award (DSA)!

Established in 1999, the DSA is a tribute to our exceptional alumni and commemorates their outstanding contributions to the Institute. These esteemed awards are presented annually on IIT Bombay’s Alumni Day, even as they are meticulously chosen from a pool of nominations from various stakeholders, including faculty and alumni.

This year’s DSA recognizes and honours Mr. Gandhe’s enduring commitment as a respected member of the Board of the Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE), providing invaluable mentorship to numerous startups at the Institute over the years. Additionally, his pivotal role in advancing the integration of the Indian automotive industry with the global supply chain underscores his significant professional contributions.

The steadfast support of our alumni has been instrumental in nurturing the continuous growth and prosperity of IIT Bombay. We extend our heartfelt congratulations and profound gratitude to Mr. Gandhe for his dedicated service to the Institute.

IIT Bombay is pleased to announce the honourees of the Chapter Service Awards (CSA) for 2023!

These awards acknowledge and celebrate exceptional alumni for their notable contributions to the development of their respective alumni chapters. The distinguished recipients are carefully selected from nominations submitted by various stakeholders, including our alumni and faculty. The chosen alumni will receive the award on the Institute’s Alumni Day.

The CSA recipients have dedicated themselves tirelessly to fostering strong connections between the Institute and its alumni community and have played a crucial role in the continuous advancement of their cherished alma mater.

IIT Bombay extends its profound gratitude to these exceptional individuals for their continued dedication and invaluable contributions to the Institute.

Congratulations to all of the DSA and CSA recipients for their well-deserved recognition from their alma mater!