Your contribution to the Scholarship initiative at IIT Bombay will change a student’s life forever.

There are smart, driven, and meritorious students in every nook and corner of India. IIT Bombay is a multi-disciplinary ‘Institution of Eminence’ that is resolved to democratise world-class education and make it available to the best minds in our country. We believe that ambitious and meritorious students who can change the world should be provided with an equal opportunity to hone their minds and skills at India’s premier college.

As the Institute’s alumnus, you have experienced the rigors and challenges of IIT Bombay’s outstanding education and pedagogy. You now represent some of the country’s very best entrepreneurs, scientists, inventors, and more. By giving to IIT Bombay’s Scholarship Fund – you will start a cycle of philanthropy that will ensure that these current deserving students have the same chance to become the next generation’s leaders, researchers, innovators, and business owners.

Your support of IIT Bombay’s Scholarship Fund will have a far-reaching impact on the recipient’s life – it will ease their financial burden and allow them to flourish in IIT Bombay’s vibrant and competitive academic atmosphere. Becoming an IIT Bombay graduate will also ensure that every thankful recipient of the scholarship will pay it forward to another deserving student in the future.

Making a difference – one meritorious student at a time

Typically, scholarships are designed to cover one student’s annual tuition and mess expenses. The current scholarship amount that covers the entire expenses for one student for one year is Rs. 2,72,000.

There are multiple ways you can donate to the Scholarship Fund:

Named Scholarship: You can donate Rs. 2.72 lacs in the form of a Named Scholarship. The scholarship can be named after yourself or a loved one.

Scholarship Pool: You can donate any amount to the common Scholarship Pool. Funds will be utilized from the pool to provide scholarships to all eligible students.

Endowment: You can create an Endowment of Rs. 55 lacs that will help support one student per year for the next 25 years.

For more information on the Named Scholarship or Endowment, write to us at givingback@acr.iitb.ac.in

Hear from our scholarships recipients!

Thanks to the generosity of our alumni like yourself, many of our exceptionally talented and brilliant minds have benefitted immensely from receiving scholarships. This has made their challenging and competitive academic journey at IIT Bombay more fulfilling. Hear more from the students themselves!

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