Development of a Protocol for Bee Box Monitoring and Honey Traceability Study (MasterCard)

Vision of the Project:

Over the last few years, the mortality rate of honeybees has significantly increased. Therefore, it’s critical to set up an intensive beehive monitoring system in order to better understand honeybee behaviours and their response to various environmental and external factors. Such a system can help monitor the real-time status of beehives and alert the beekeepers on ongoing and upcoming potential threats such as swarming. This study aims to develop a real-time monitoring system for beehives, specifically for the Apis cerana variety of bees that are native to Asia. The project will be implemented in honey-producing regions across India.

Output of the Project:

The project focuses on developing a monitoring system specific to native Indian bees, like Apis cerana. The device does not require network data plans or sim cards. The hardware electronic module is designed to collect, log and transmit the following sensory data to beekeepers through a mobile app.

• Weight of the bee box
• Temperature outside and inside the box
• Moisture
• Acoustics information

Impact of the Project:

This data will be extremely helpful to beekeepers who will be able to predict the status of their colonies without physical inspection as well as the researchers working in Apiculture

Beneficiaries of the Project:

• The beekeeping community
• Marginal farmers
• This information will lead to creating models to help researchers in estimating the increase in agriculture production

High Resolution Pictures:

Figure 1: Prototype with sensor systems  under development for field trials

Figure 2: Focused group discussion with Beekeepers group in Purappemane village(Karnataka)

Figure 3: Student showing bee colony from the Pilot bee boxes with the sensors

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Development of a Protocol for Bee Box Monitoring and Honey Traceability Study (MasterCard)
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