Project Research Scientist- Project under CoEOGE (EXT114/2023)

About Project under CoEOGE at IIT Bombay:
A lead project research scientist needed for the development of state-of-the-art metal-sulfur and solid-state batteries for a mission mode project funded by the Center of Excellence in Oil and Gas Energy (COEOGE) at IIT Bombay.

Position Title: Project Research Scientist

Reporting to: Principle Investigator

Duration: (89 days / 1 year): 1 year

Salary Band: PR- O2 (42000- 84000) + 7500 OCA if applicable

Job Purpose: Project lead research scientist for developing state of the art metal-sulfur and solid-state batteries for next generation energy storage.

Key Responsibilities:
To carry out and to take care of the responsibilities mentioned below:
• material synthesis and characterization,
• battery slurry preparation and cell parameter optimization,
• short- and long-term battery cycling tests,
• electrochemistry experiments including cyclic voltammetry and EIS for various metal sulfur and solid-state battery chemistries.

Desired Profile:
• PhD holder with experience in material synthesis (hydrothermal, solvothermal techniques) and characterization.
• Prior experience with battery/electrochemical systems highly desirable

The position is contractual for a period of 1 year but renewable as per Institute’s guidelines and tenable only for the duration of the project. The selection committee may offer lower or higher designation and lower or higher salary depending upon the experience and performance of the candidate in the interview.

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