Suhas Damodar Deshpande
M.Tech., 1980 Mechanical Engineering


Mr. Suhas Damador Deshpande is currently the proprietor of an engineering consultancy firm. He pursued his M. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Bombay in 1980 with a specialization in heat, power, and refrigeration engineering.

Recalling his memories associated with IIT Bombay, Mr. Deshpande says, “The M. Tech. project I worked on was called the Parabolic Solar Concentrator with Mirror Stripes. I studied under the guidance of Padmashri Prof. Suhas Sukhatme. When I achieved water which was still in a liquid state at 190 degrees centigrade, using high pressure, Prof. Sukhatme patted me on my back. I will never forget the feeling of fulfillment I felt at that moment, and it remains one of the most unforgettable instances of my life.”

His hobbies include listening to Hindi and Marathi songs, watching mentally challenging serials and films, and reading newspapers (he now reads nine papers daily, down from 28 a day at one time).