Rohini M. Godbole
M.Sc. 1974, Physics

Prof. Rohini Godbole, a 1974 Silver medalist of IIT Bombay, has made outstanding contributions to fundamental scientific research, specifically the theory of elementary particle physics.

Following her Ph.D from SUNY, Stony Brook USA, she was visiting follow, TIFR 1979 – 82 and Lecturer and Reader at the Department of Physics, University of Bombay from 1982 to 1995. Godbole joined IISc Bangalore, Centre for Theoretical Studies as Associate Professor in 1995 and has been Professor since June 1998. She was the Chairperson at the Centre from August 1996 to March 2002.

Godbole has made significant contributions to many different aspects of the Standard Model and Beyond the Standard Model phenomenology. She has extensively worked on the structure of proton, photon and nucleus. The second focal point of her research has been theoretical models for production of new particles and devising search strategies for the same at high energy colliders.

She is the author of more than 150 research papers; many of which have some of the largest citation indices in her area.

She has been recognized by election to the Indian National Science Academy and the National Academy of Sciences. Recently she has been nominated to the Joint National Committee on IUPAP and IAU. Currently she is a participant and a key international organizer in the effort for envisioning the next generation of collider experiments, crucial for establishing several missing links in our understanding of the fundamental forces of nature.