Rahul Chaubey
B.Tech., 1999, Chemical Engg.
Rahul Chaubey has been an active alumnus since the last 10 years,bulk of them spent in making Bangalore Chapter as one of the mostactive amongst all Indian chapters. Besides chapter core group member,he has been working with the IIT Bombay Alumni Association(IITBAA) in various capacities - as volunteer and at present as Directoron Board of IITBAA.Over past one year he has been very active as part of the coreorganization team executing flagship events like “Fresher Welcome”across chapters, the Meet Manu event in Hyderabad, the All-Chapterconclave in Goa, and JEE entrants welcome for Andhra Pradesh.A particular mention must be made of the organization of successfulFresher Night events in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, New Delhi andHonk Kong. Efforts are on to repeat this in Mumbai, Nashik, Nagpur,Chennai, Kolkatta, UAE, Tokyo and London.On the professional front, Mr. Chaubey works as COO at Bravo LucyAS and is responsible for Operations and Business Development atthe company. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the young startupCompany from his rich experience in Business Development,Retail ERP implementations, Six Sigma Black Belt and Technologydomain. He was associated with General Electric and Oracle Retailfor many quality years.