Mr. Srikant Rao
B.Tech., 1984, Mechanical Engg
Mr. Srikant Rao heads Affordable Business Solutions, which offersBusiness Process and Analytics consulting and I.T. solutions on asubscription-based pricing model.Prior to launching Affordable Business Solutions, Mr. Rao was theCountry Manager, India for BEA Systems, Inc. Earlier, he established NCR,previously AT&T Global Information System’s Computer Systemsbusiness in India. He has been responsible for establishing NCR’sChannel Marketing program and regional product marketing and businessdevelopment functions to launch and establish NCR’s PC business inAsia/ China. Mr. Rao is actively involved in CII Karnataka’s SME and SkillsDevelopment initiatives.A veteran of the Bangalore Chapter of IITBAA, Mr. Rao is currently amember of the Executive Committee and the Treasurer for the past 4years. As the Treasurer he has played a key role in all fundraisinginitiatives, including the flagship fundraiser Moods and Melodies. He wasa major contributor in the organization of IITB’s Golden JubileeCulmination Event held in Bangalore on March, 2009 which was attendedby close to 1000 people.Mr. Rao should be lauded for his efforts for IITBAA’s key social outreachinitiative- Village Knowledge Centres or VKCs, which was initiated wayback in 2005.