Mr. Ankit Mehta
Dual Degree (B.Tech.+M.Tech.), 2005, Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Ankit Mehta is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ideaForge Technology -a design focused Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) manufacturer of drones for defense, homeland security and industrial applications. He received his dual degree (B.Tech.+M.Tech.) in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Computer Aided Design and Automation from IIT Bombay in 2005.

Special Memories Associated with IIT Bombay

“IIT Bombay provided the right environment to bring out the very best in me. I participated and won several technical competitions and received a technical citation in 2005 from the student body of IIT Bombay for contributions to the technical extracurricular activities.

It was the perseverance to win ABU Robocon that brought me, Ashish and Rahul and Ankit, the future co-founders of ideaForge, together. In 2005, we eventually won the national leg of the competition under the guidance of Prof. Amarnath. I hold fond memories of Prof. Amarnath as it was his concept of Innovation Cell that not only gave me the perfect opportunity to secure funds for his ideas but also work close with Prof. Amarnath in promoting technical activities in the institute.”