Dr. Nitin Padture
B.Tech., 1985 Met. Engg. & Mat. Sciences
Dr. Nitin Padture is currently Professor of Engineering andDirector of Center for Advanced Materials Research at BrownUniversity in Providence, RI (USA) — an Ivy League universityfounded in 1764. His research and teaching interests are in thebroad areas of synthesis/processing and properties of advancedmaterials used in applications ranging from jet engines to solarcells to computer chips, impacting transportation, energy, andinformation technology sectors. He has published 125 journalpapers, which have been cited over 5,000 times, is co-inventor of4 patents, and he has delivered over 150 invited/keynote/plenary talks in the US and abroad. He is the recipient of severalawards and is Fellow of the American Ceramic Society and Fellowof the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Dr.Padture is Editor of a prominent international journal,ScriptaMaterialia.Dr. Padture continues to contribute to the causes of his almamater as a co-leader of the Class of 1985 Legacy Projects and asan active member of the IITB Faculty Alumni Network (FAN). TheLegacy Projects include establishing the Class of 1985 EndowedChair in Technology & Sustainable Development (T&SD),promoting T&SD entrepreneurship, supporting Young FacultyAwards Fund for recruitment of top junior faculty at IITB, andsupporting Faculty Wellness Fund to benefit retired IITB facultymembers and their families lacking medical coverage. FAN isinvolved in assisting IITB recruit top faculty members andfacilitating creation of research collaboration opportunities for IITBfaculty members.