Dr. Mukta Ghate Farooq
B.Tech., 1983, Metallurgical Engineering
Dr. Mukta Ghate Farooq is a Fellow at Globalfoundries and the technology leader for Advanced Silicon Packaging. She has been a leader in semiconductor and packaging technology including CMOS Back End integration, chip package interaction, 2.5D and 3D integration, die stacking, C4 and Cu pillar interconnects, ball grid and column grid arrays, lead-free alloys, and intellectual property development. Dr. Farooq obtained her B.Tech. degree in Metallurgical Engineering from IIT Bombay in 1983, M.S. in Materials Science from Northwestern University in 1985 and her PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York, USA in 1988.

Dr. Farooq is a world-renowned expert in 3D Cu TSV integrated circuit technology. She was the IBM technology leader who drove the team to achieve the industry’s first ever logic wafer with through silicon vias, a ground-breaking achievement in semiconductor technology. She has been invited to teach short courses and give lectures at various universities and symposia, and to write seminal papers in her field of expertise. She is a prolific inventor with over 190 issued patents and is a highly regarded advisor in the development of intellectual property. She has been a long-serving mentor to professionals in engineering, especially women, at GlobalFoundries, IBM, as well as other institutions. She has also mentored many new college grads and young professionals, and is a strong advocate for STEM outreach in elementary and middle schools.

Dr. Farooq is a Metallurgist and Materials Scientist in Semiconductor R&D and Advanced Silicon Packaging Technology. She is a team leader for large multifunctional, international teams tasked with complex technology development and qualifications, inventor and innovator. She is a member of technical committees at flagship semiconductor conferences. A distinguished lecturer of the Electron Device Society, she is an invited speaker at Women in Engineering events and the South Asian Women’s Leadership Forum. She is a Co-founder of the IBM Semiconductor Technology Symposium and the GlobalFoundries Technology Forum, part of EDS Board of Governors and Chair of the EDS Mid Hudson Chapter.

Dr. Farooq is an IEEE Fellow, GlobalFoundries Fellow, GlobalFoundries Master Inventor, IBM Lifetime Master Inventor, IEEE EDS Distinguished Lecturer and RPI Mercer Distinguished Lecturer. She is nominated to the IBM Academy of Technology. Her achievements include Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards, High Value Patent Awards and National Women of Color in STEM – All Star Technology Award. She was nominated to Alpha Sigma Mu (ASM Honor Society).