Dr. Dhananjay Gore
B.Tech., 1998, Electrical Engineering

Dr. Dhananjay Gore is Senior Director Engineering at Qualcomm Research India. He also leads the modem and multi-media systems engineering teams for product development at Qualcomm India.

Dr. Gore received his Bachelor of Technology degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay in 1998, and Masters and PhD Degrees in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 2000 and 2003 respectively.

Dr. Gore joined Qualcomm Inc. in 2003 in the Corporate Research and Development group, where he worked on the design and development of broadband, OFDMA based mobile wide area networks (UMB – 3GPP2 RevC) – a pre-cursor to the 4G LTE standard. He was a key contributor to end-to-end PHY/MAC (physical/medium access control) layer system design efforts leading to IEEE 802.20 and 3GPP2 RevC standards. He was also the overall systems lead responsible for eNB (base-station) and access terminal (user equipment) prototype modem development. In 2008, Dr. Gore became the Project Engineer for design and development of an in-band, high gain, high fidelity 3G (UMTS) repeater – a break-through device. As a Project Engineer he was responsible for all efforts across systems, RF, antenna and VLSI design engineering.

In 2011, Dr. Gore re-located from San Diego, USA to Bangalore, India to oversee the formation and expansion of Qualcomm Research India at Bangalore. Over the next several years, he built a world-class research and development team focused on product development and long term R&D. Dr. Gore initiated a wide range of successful R&D efforts spanning 3G/4G protocol and modem design, imaging, multi-media systems architecture, computer vision & machine learning and embedded software.

Dr. Gore, co-authored a graduate level textbook on MIMO wireless : “Introduction to Space-Time Wireless Communications” – used as a textbook in schools around the world, and has 88 US patents to his credit. His first patent while at Stanford University was licensed by Intel and Samsung.

Special Memories

“Besides the academics – PAF, SurBahar, carom sessions in the mess, omelet sandwich for breakfast, Freshie football between wings in monsoon, Vihar lake. Late night discussions with colleagues on every conceivable topic – several of them are life-long friends” are my memories associated with IIT Bombay.”