Divyam Goel
B.Tech., 2012 Computer Science and Engineering

Mr. Divyam Goel is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of AttainU, a scalable college alternative, focusing on high-quality, industry-aligned, learning outcomes and targeted towards highly-motivated individuals looking to get into careers with the potential for high growth. Mr. Goel obtained his B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Bombay in 2012.

Recalling his time spent at IIT Bombay Mr. Goel said, “I have vivid memories of participating and leading the IIT Bombay team in Mood Indigo Vogue and other college fashion shows in cultural fests. The prep work we did leading up to these events was always a delightful experience with friends from across batches and streams. Exam nights were particularly unique with friends and batch mates helping out each other in hostels, labs, and acad buildings”