Amreen Khan’s Continuing Journey of Scientific Brilliance

The Dean ACR newsletter profiled Amreen Khan in its July 2023 edition. 

Back then, Amreen attended the very prestigious 72nd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Physiology and Medicine held in June 2023. The Lindau Nobel Laureates recognized Amreen for her groundbreaking work in developing novel materials with the potential to revolutionize cancer treatment and wound healing. 

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Amreen is back again with yet another extraordinarily prestigious accolade to her name. She has now been selected for Universcience’s “Young Scientific Talents Week: Sports and Science.  

Since Paris will host the Olympic and Paralympic Games from July 26-September 8, 2024, Universcience will explore the relationship between science, sport and e-sport, fields driven by innovation and fundamentally linked on a medical, biomechanical, psychological, historical, sociological or cultural level whether it is the accomplishments and records of champions, as well as amateur sports practice. 

As a result, Universcience will bring together “young scientific talents from around the world who are active in the dissemination and communication of scientific knowledge related to sport or e-sport” between Dec 3-10, 2023.  

Amreen is one of the 37 young talented scientists from 22 countries who have been selected to participate at Universcience. She is also the sole Indian representative in the domains of medical science, engineering, and sports. She will showcase her work on a global platform for contributing to science and sports.

Amreen’s research mentors at IIT Bombay are Prof. Rohit Srivastava and Prof. Jayesh Bellare. Speaking of her research she says, “I got a chance to discover and grow in developing biomaterials for wound healing and taking them ahead into preclinical settings. Since I am a sportsperson too and served as a member of the sports council throughout my academics, I have explored various sports and implemented research knowledge to benefit sports. As the 2024 Olympics are to be held in Paris, this week recognizes individuals for their contributions to science and sports, is specially focused on diverse talents, and provides a great opportunity for students like me and many others.”  

All the expenses for Amreen’s attendance at the event will be covered by The Institut Français en Inde, Embassy of France-India and UniverscienceCité des Sciences et de l’industrie 

Amreen Khan’s remarkable scholarly and research journey exemplifies the symbiotic relationship between accomplishing personal scientific goals that’s been nurtured in a thriving ecosystem at IIT Bombay. Her upcoming global presentation is a testament to the pivotal role that IIT Bombay plays in fostering exceptional talent and driving pioneering research. 

Hearty congratulations to Amreen and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for this exceptional scholar!