Be A Part of Larger World

The alumni, our flag bearers, are the face of our institute, and we want you to come back. Come back to your beloved ‘insti’, revel in its glory, reminisce about your time in it and help our students too.

A conscious citizen is not just responsible for ourselves but is one who pays-it-forward and changes the world for the better. Our alumni, who are in positions of power and influence, volunteer their precious time and resources and give back to their alma mater that played a significant role in their success.

Alumni Student Mentorship Program (ASMP)

One of the key ways for alums to volunteer is through the Alumni Student Mentorship Program (ASMP) which facilitates one-on-one meetings between them and our current students. Through ASMP alums also mentor and guide our students with life-changing decisions regarding their future career paths, offer their expertise to departments and faculty, help with fundraising initiatives, arrange for guest speakers at the Institute events and more.

 You too can join the hundreds of alums like the ones below who already volunteer for ASMP.