Alumni Empowerment in Action: US Roadshow Amplifies Alumni Engagement and Solidifies Commitment to Excellence

Engaging and connecting with IIT Bombay’s extensive alumni community across the world is an indispensable initiative for the Institute. These meet-and-greets provide a pivotal platform for fostering meaningful connections, nurturing a strong sense of community, and garnering vital support for the Institute’s continued growth and development. These roadshows are essential to strengthen the bond between IIT Bombay and its esteemed alumni even as they foster a collaborative environment for mutual advancement and progress.

Aligning with IIT Bombay’s commitment to sustained growth and the critical role played by alumni engagement in the Institute’s journey, a team from IIT Bombay embarked on a roadshow to the US in Oct-Nov 2023. This last roadshow of 2023, spearheaded by the IIT Bombay Heritage Foundation and several alumni chapters in the US, showcased the exceptional dedication and initiative of these entities in advancing the interests of their alma mater.

A delegation from the Institute visited with alumni in New York, Detroit, Atlanta, and San Francisco. The delegation was led by:

–  Prof. Subhasis Chaudhuri, Director, IIT Bombay
–  Prof. Ravindra D. Gudi, Dean, Alumni and Corporate Relations (ACR)

They were joined by:

–  Mr. Ravishankar Gedela, CEO – Development and Relations Foundation (DRF)
–  Ms. Jalpa Vyas, VP – Donor Relations
–  Mr. Indraneel Ghosh, VP – Marketing and Communications

Throughout the week, the team actively showcased IIT Bombay’s vision and strategic initiatives including the rapid expansion of the Institute’s infrastructure and research capabilities, with special emphasis on establishing Centres of Excellence (CoE) in pertinent and emerging research domains. The alumni meetings featured engaging discussions and presentations on a wide array of topics, including sustainability and climate change, entrepreneurship, and the automotive industry, among others. Alumni were also briefed on IIT Bombay’s ambitious fundraising objectives, future aspirations, and the multiple avenues through which they could actively contribute to the Institute’s mission of achieving global prominence in engineering education and research. In response, alumni offered constructive feedback to the delegation, providing valuable insights on how the Institute can sustain its rapid growth and advance further in the years ahead.

Some of the prominent speakers during these engagements included:

–  Dr. Arun Majumdar, Dean of the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability
–  Mr. Salil Donde, Chief Executive Officer and Board Member at Ventiv Technology Inc.
–  Mr. Amarnath Thombre, Advisor, Match Group
–  Dr. Deepa Ramaswamy; Chief Engineer, Ford Motor Company EV Program…
–  …and many more

Kudos to the SF chapter for  coordinating this amazing event!

IIT Bombay is deeply appreciative to its alumni community in the US for investing their valuable time in engaging with the delegation and looks forward to meeting them again very soon.


The engaging interactions during the roadshow between IIT Bombay and its extended alumni community were not just a testament to the strong bond they shared with the Institute but also a resounding affirmation of their shared commitment to excellence and advancement. The enthusiastic participation and invaluable insights shared during these gatherings reaffirmed the profound impact of IIT Bombay’s extensive and diverse alumni community in shaping the trajectory of the Institute.