Development & Relations Foundations


IIT Bombay Development & Relations Foundation

The Development and Relations Foundation (DRF) is a not-for-profit section 8 unit set up by the Dean ACR office. DRF facilitates Dean ACR’s core mission and engages with our vibrant alumni community, corporations, and foundations with the goal of developing and sustaining long-term relationships.

DRF assists Dean ACR’s fundraising endeavours by way of donor solicitations, managing donor programs, maintaining financial accounts and reporting details of all activities implemented with alumni donations.

Our Team

Alumni Engagement

An active and involved alumni community is key to the success of an academic institution. Dean ACR office encourages you – our alumni – to engage with your alma mater and its current students and faculty in a number of ways. You can provide financial support which will enable the Institute in accomplishing its mission. Other ways to give back include volunteering, advocacy, mentoring students, participating in career services, joining in on educational and family events and making use of numerous networking opportunities. As an engaged alumni member, you will be connected to your campus community for the rest of your lives.

Corporate Engagement

India is the first country in the world that has made corporate social responsibility (CSR) a mandatory requirement for business corporations. This requires companies to earmark a specific percentage of their annual income towards philanthropic activities. Companies can work together with IITB and resolve real-life issues faced by resource-constrained communities in India and around the world. These include areas like education, healthcare, environment, water and sanitation, livelihoods, nutrition, agriculture, renewable energy, gender inequalities and more.

Internal Engagement

In partnership with faculty and other senior campus leadership, Faculty Development shapes the strategic direction and fundraising priorities for all the departments, faculties, academic and student support units across Institute.

IT & Operations

The IT and Operations team provides strategic and tactical support to enable the activities across the various verticals at the Dean ACR office. The team manages the IT infrastructure, payment backbone, human resources, databases and digital interface with alumni & corporations.

Programme Management

The programme management team is responsible for utilization of philanthropic gifts in a manner that they make the greatest impact. The team stewards the relationships with donors, by managing implementation, acknowledgements and reporting to the donors. They also liaise with faculty and create opportunities for contributions in the emerging areas of science and technology that interest donors.

Marketing and Communication

The marketing and communication unit increases the outreach of activities of Dean ACR office to the outside world. It conceptualizes, shapes and implements a broad range of marketing and communication strategies that help build long-term relationships with donors and philanthropists. These include digital content creation, website management, social media engagements, networking forums, and alumni platforms to create awareness for the cause.